Product No : PM-814DG
Product Description

TPE eco-friendly grip yoga mat


Stay secure in your yoga practice as temperatures get warmer. As professional yoga mat wholesale, Elysian offers an Ideal grip yoga mat for any yoga or hot yoga class, as it is lightweight, durable, and extra thick for superior joint cushioning. Maintain control of your yoga pose on the super-grip surface with a topcoat that instantly absorbs moisture for a slip-free session. Lightweight, durable, and an extra-thick yoga mat for hot yoga practice closed-cell material seals out germs, odor, and bacteria. Topcoat absorbs moisture quickly for slip-resistant performance, and super grip texture increases grip as temperatures rise thick surface for extra joint cushioning perfect for yoga and hot yoga enthusiasts. The compact design of the dry grip yoga mat is suitable for easy storage and travel. If you need other premium yoga mats, welcome to browse our yoga mat category!


Colors limited.

Material: PVC and Polyurethanes.

Size: 24" x 68", 26" x 78"

Thickness: 2mm

Packaging: Rolled up and Paper wrapped.

Made from eco-friendly formula. 16 toxic phthalates free.

Specially made for hot yoga, super water absorbing.

Great comfort, Excellent travel companion. Dry flat.